Blood Pressure Management Program

If you have access to the Montana Health Centers and have a diagnosis of hypertension or are experiencing high blood pressure readings, please consider joining the Blood Pressure Management Program! 

What’s in it for you?

  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Cuff – yours to keep!
  • Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring through easy-to-use phone apps.



This program is nine months long. You will work with a Premise Health Care Team and your Primary Care Provider to develop a personalized care plan.

  • You will use your Bluetooth blood pressure cuff and phone apps to share your uploaded blood pressure readings with your provider to help guide your care.
  • The app and the cuff also give you the ability to track your blood pressure in real time so you can better understand how your daily choices may affect your blood pressure.
  • Based on your needs, this program provides ongoing communication from your Care Team via phone and My Premise Health including:
    • Quick follow-up for any concerning readings.
    • Ongoing encouragement and education.
  • At a minimum, you will recieve outreach from your care team at one-, three-, six-, and nine-month milestones.
  • At nine months, you will make an appointment with your Primary Care Provider to discuss your goals and determine if you’re ready to graduate from the program.

For More Information

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Additional Blood Pressure Resources 

  • How to Take Your Blood Pressure
  • In Helena?  Use the FREE blood pressure station in the Capitol Building.  The automatic blood pressure machine is located in the basement, by the vending machines.
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